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NutriBullet:Weightloss Green Smoothie

GREEN NutriBulletWeightloss Smoothie

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  1. I have the NutriBullet and she did not add enough water thats why the
    Spinich is still their.

  2. The flaxseed is the main ingredient to help with weight loss

  3. You have it running too long,you packed and pushed the greens till it
    cannot blend with the rest…you could have stop to have it blend together
    You killed the vit.

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  5. Ur facial expression at 6:33 did not say “delicious” as u claimed lol

  6. I put in the leafy greens first with almond milk (or water if you wish) and
    blend, then add the other ingredients. I find it works to really liquefy
    the greens and I don’t have the problem with them unequally blending with
    the fruit.

  7. They need to make a ‘mega-bullet’ for we greedy folks. I have the same
    problem. smh.

  8. Your Nutribullet videos convinced me to purchase one. I created a video on
    my green smoothie, but I’m on a weight gain journey versus weight loss.
    Either way, I love my Nutribullet! I’m going to experiment a little more
    and upload more ideas.

  9. One thing I learned is this. Put the heavy items in first. The leafy stuff
    last. When you tip it over to run in motor, the heavy items push the leafy
    or lighter items into the blade. She put the leafy items in first and they
    sat at the top for way to long. I give her credit for her drink but try
    doing it the opposite way and you will save the motor.

  10. Yes, whoah… WAY too long. You will kill both the nutribullet and much of
    the nutrition this way. It just needs a few seconds, and as soon as you see
    there is stuff stuck on the top you should stop it and shake it loose, or
    open it and scrape it with a spoon or spatula if necessary then blend a few
    more seconds.

  11. You left it on for too long.. the motor will die faster this way. You
    should take it out give it a good shake to mix the spinach and also add
    water up to the max line. Gonna try this recipe, thanks!

  12. It’s definitely not good to do that! I have learned to stop being so greedy
    and stick to the max line lol!

  13. Hi just curious I noticed you packed your cup past the max line. Is it ok
    to do that b/c when I packed mine it leaked ALL over the place and I had to
    return it.

  14. i have a nutri bluuet and i make these all the time and im a kid and i
    don’t put any sweetener init i think there great!

  15. And runtime was too long instructions said u shouldn’t this for more than
    min like this your unit won’t last not even a year ‘?’

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